Saturday, November 27, 2010

Look at Me, I Can Pee!

We are potty training.
So far we're pretty successful. He does all but his early morning and middle of the night pees in the big boy potty. We pooped on the floor yesterday. (Well, we didn't, he did.) And we still haven't had a toilet poop.
I'm reconsidering the whole "giving treats for peepees" thing. I seriously think he's rationing his peepee for maximum treat output. I've stopped giving them except for "big peepees" that he's "saved up." He's still visiting the big boy potty every 3 minutes.

I have no idea if I'm doing this right. The potty training fairy never left me a "big peepee" manual under my pillow when my son came of age.
Kendyl is starting to try. Nothing has come out, but she looks cute sitting there.

So Tyler is zinging around the house during Kendyl's nap, all hopped up on candy. For some inexplicable reason, my hubby gave him an extra candy... just for looking like him I suppose. But shouldn't that be my candy? It's my fault that the kids look like my husband. You know, monogamy and all that jazz.
How long exactly is this potty training thing supposed to last? I don't see teenagers being praised and given candy every time they make it to the toilet. It's starting to get exhausting. I haven't gone to the bathroom this often since I was 10 1/2 months pregnant and my baby's favorite spot was resting on my bladder, when he wasn't pushing on my diaphram that is. (The body part, not the birth control)
My attention span is seriously that of a baby raccoon in a tin foil dumping ground. I'm trying to make heads or tails of Wordpress (I like the professional looks of their blogs and might move us all over there) and I just can not concentrate when I have to go supervise Gogo the Sprinkler-Boy every 10 seconds.
Well, I'd better go.
As they say, duty calls. (And I need to open up a new bag of Skittles)


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