Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quiet= Terror

They're up to something. I just know it.
But every time I go out there to check, they are quietly watching Blue's Clues, and simply ask for more oatmeal bars, or bananas or sippy cups. I keep running out in a panic every 5 minutes, expecting, maybe even hoping to catch them up to their usual antics... and nothing. It's strange, and terrifying.
Don't get me wrong, there has been a little bit of yelling and pushing this morning. But just a little.
Tim, (my husband) found a Disney's Cars toy bench this morning, in perfect condition. That's the only difference in the house today. They aren't really even playing with it, but maybe it's dusted with xanax or something. I have no other explaination.
Look, I just checked RIGHT NOW, and they are sitting quietly in front of the TV.
All sorts of things are going through my mind. Are they coming down with something? Have they been adversely affected by the lovers quarrel Tim and I had yesterday? Are they planning a terrorist attack? I've long thought that they have nuclear capabilities, how else could the living room be clean one moment, and look like Hurricane Katrina hit it the next?
I've got to check again.

Nope. Nothing.
I fed them breakfast, they aren't weak from hunger. They get spazzy when they are hungry anyways. I always know when they want food or a nap because that's when I mostly feel like crying.
So here I am... I actually have the ability to write on this blog without interruption.
That is if I could stop running out there like a maniac every paragraph, expecting to find destruction.



At September 30, 2010 at 11:38 AM , Blogger scargosun said...

It's not just kids. If my dogs or my husband are not making noise...they are either asleep (doubtful) or doing something they are not supposed to.


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