Tuesday, October 19, 2010

In the Face of Toddler Meanness

My usually angelic boy is acting up today. Maybe it was the rain, and the galavanting that it led to. Maybe it was that he was woken up way too early. Maybe it was the extra chocolate he got, (Both his father and I gave him a piece, not knowing the other had already indulged him.) Maybe he's just having a bad day. 
Hey, we all have them.
So far, I've been pinched, the screen broken at the bottom and he definitely hasn't been his usual quiet self for his sister's nap. He's begging for food even though he already has some lined up neatly on his table. He's leaving his comfort object, Sleep Monkey in the other room and then begging us to find him.
He's just being raucous, which doesn't normally happen until 5pm melt down time.
I've got a little bit of patience going on today. (See Rainy Days, Hot Chocolate and Adventures With Oil Paint) But it's getting a bit much. I think he's taking my kindness for weakness.
I think I have it pretty easy. We don't have sleep problems, my kids are happy and social and well adjusted. They are active and exhausting, but that's just par for the course... and signs that I have healthy, well fed and well rested kids. I see the problems other parents face, and the exhausted way people can simply quail at the mess their life has become. My life is also a mess, but I appear to have an innate ability to accept and move past.
This blog definitely helps.
I actually don't know what the point of starting this post was, so instead of going with the whole literary; introduction, body and conclusion... I'm going to make my former English teachers groan yet again with a simple:
Hehe... take that. I am, and I'm okay with it. 


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