Friday, October 15, 2010

Ode to my Friends

Real life friends are hard to come by. Especially when you smell vaguely of  mac n' cheese and the most interesting conversation topics you can come up with all have to do with your kids.

These are my two best friends. Elise, the blonde, has been my friend since we were both in diapers. Melissa, the brunette/redhead/whatever she has chosen this week, has been my friend for over a decade.
When everyone else in the universe has either forgotten that I exist (or is trying to) these two are always there for me.

Now, just going in alphabetical order folks, don't be pushy. Elise, even though she's pushing to be a member of Quiverful, always finds a way to be by my side when I need her. I called her the other day, desperate for a ride to WIC. She immediately piled her entire brood into the SUV and came to pick me up. When everyone else has been blowing me off for this Tyler birthday thing, she assured me that she would be there. Even offered to bring the whole gang to the park, just so the kids could play together. Maybe she just knows my pale-ass kids need to get some sunshine... but still.
She puts up with my sense of humor, and actually finds me funny... even when everyone else finds me crude and classless.
Melissa, she has always totally gone the distance for me, and even on not-so-rare occasion, will drive something like 80 miles out of her way to see me. Even when she knows that just means sitting in my living room, making it hard for my husband to watch TV. Or sitting outside my front door making ourselves sick on cigarettes.
She also likes my sense of humor, but thats more because hers is very similar.
Our relationship was born when we were both going through a very hard time in our lives, and we have always found each other as a constant source of comfort. A shoulder to cry on, and someone to appreciate sarcastic jokes about whatever ails us.
We find excuses a lot to hang out.
Friends, I think are important. There's a phrase, "Friends are the family you choose for yourself."
I love you guys, here's to you!


At October 15, 2010 at 1:57 PM , Blogger legalmel said...

I love you to Bre.


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