Sunday, October 10, 2010

Just Who is This Crazy Chick?

I think I just realized, in looking through all my posts... I haven't really introduced myself. I mean, yeah, you know I'm married with two crazy but adorable children. I've even aired out my mother issues and self critisism to you guys. But, who am I? A couple of you know me personally, but not by any means all.
Well, my name is Bre, short for Breann. I was born in San Diego, CA, and I'm adopted. I've lived my whole life in Palm Springs, CA, where my dad is a small business owner. It's a florist, family run, open for 60 something years.
My parents are Mormon, and lately (since having these kids) I've been trying to be too. I was raised in a strange cross between Mormon/Republican beliefs and hippie, women's lib, live and let live type. One may think this is a strange combo, but my parents and extended family are the closest to actually being Jesus Christ as anyone I've ever met in all my life.
I think they're awesome, and they are... but it adds to one hell of an inferiority complex. Especially since my brother is doing such a decent job in becoming my dad.
I blame it on nature vs. nurture. I'm genetically the bastard child of teenage surfers. Five generations of Southern Californians, and more generations upon that of Astrologers, medicine women and witches. I'm the halfling stolen from the cradle to be raised by nice, calm, normal people.
I was a constant runaway, and ran away for good at 17. I was wild, rebellious and artistic, lumped in the same category as my late uncle, who ran away in a different way. He returned years later to the unconditional love of his family, and died of complications due to the AIDS virus.
I wouldn't wish my teenagehood on any parent, and have tried to spend the last several years making it up to my parents, although not very well. Old hurts die hard.
I'm on my second marriage, my first? Lets not delve any further into that except to say, I was 18 and "playing house."
After my marriage broke up, and my older son, Matrim went to live with my parents, (where he still is today) I didn't have anywhere to go. So out into the wilderness I went, and spent about 5 years calling the streets of Palm Springs my home. That sounds rather lame, but I'll tell you, no matter where you are homeless, it's a difficult life.
I met my current husband... you know... out there. My parents bought us a van, and we spent a little while doing the hippie, living-in-a-van thing. We figured out rather quickly how to make the best of things, and moved into Motel 6. With a shower and a wake-up call now a regular occurence, Tim quickly got a job working for a dry cleaners. He got me a job at the same place and we moved into an apartment, actually a mother-in-law quarters attached to a house. (Totally overpriced, $950 a month for a studio) And we both immediately got laid off from our jobs. (The dry cleaner in question has now shut down all but the most basic of services, and all but one of their shops)
Luckily, the economy was still not shitty like it is right now, and both of us found good jobs almost instantly. He got a job working for a pool company, and me for a convenience store. (And then a vet clinic... coolest job ever)
After I got pregnant, we decided he was making enough for me to quit once the baby was born. We moved to a 3 bedroom house and his pay was just peachy for what we had and needed.
Six months later, he lost his job. The pool company was no longer building pools, the economy was failing and nobody wanted a new pool in a recession.
(BTW, I'm writing this bit by bit while checking on two sick and whiny kids, so forgive if it seems a bit piecemeal. )
Six months later, surprise! I'm pregnant again. And the rest is mostly history, although two years have passed since that point. I'm sure you can picture the logical progression of us running out of unemployment and having to resort to state-aid and subsidized housing, losing our 3 bedroom home.
We're alright though. The kids are smart and healthy, I'm planning on going to school for nursing, Tim keeps himself busy recycling cans (he was tickled when I referred to it as being in Enviromental Sciences, focusing on recycled materials, see
My interests are reading, being sarcastic, and asking my kids to leave me alone for just one second, please.
Oh, and blogging. And now I've run out of stuff to say about myself.
Oh and if anyone knows how to make thumbnails appear in my LinkWithin, please write me.


At October 11, 2010 at 5:48 AM , Anonymous Jen said...

Nice to meet you, Breann!

At October 21, 2010 at 3:56 PM , Blogger legalmel said...

I am so glad that you have started blogging. i love following your blog and seeing all the interesting and poingiont thigs you have to say.

At October 21, 2010 at 8:12 PM , Blogger parentingBYdummies said...

You are one interesting lady. Wow.


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