Thursday, October 7, 2010

My 18 month old knows how to change diapers

Not her own of course, then it would be too easy to sit on this computer all day and let them fend for themselves. Granted, I'd then need to teach one of them how to pour juice, but I digress.
This particular blog post is part of a writer's workshop run by MamaKatsLosinit.
I simultaneously love this chick, for being the most super awesome person I've never met, and hate her for being so trim and beautiful after having and dealing with... something like a dozen small children. While I look like a 30 year old Edith Bunker with a glandular disorder and a lost hairbrush. Or maybe Andy Capp's wife from the old comics.
The writer's prompt I chose was #3, Something like, When have you let your child do something that normally they are not allowed to? I don't know exactly, I'm not looking right at it.
Well, normally, my children are not allowed to touch each other's private parts. I know, weird that this is something that actually has to be verbalized. But you don't know my kids. I created this rule, as well as a spin-off called, "Leave that alone and play with your bath toys instead." Because of an absolute obsession with what is normally covered by diapers. I don't think I need to delve any deeper into something that everyone calls normal behavior. It doesn't mean I have to sit idly by while my kids practice being sex fiends.... but again, anyway...
Kendyl, my 18 month old, has acquired an interest in me changing her brother's diapers. I've tolerated it for 2 reasons. 1) it's much easier to have her stand by and hand me wipes than play tug o' war or "chase the baby." And 2) Eventually, someday, (like 40 years in the future) she might be changing her own baby's diapers.
She is, by nature, a very observant little sprite. Unlike her brother, who is absolutely oblivious to the world outside of Blue's Clues. And she has learned how to wipe a bum. It's rather cute and amusing, her brother tolerates it, and she's learning a valuable life skill: Bum wiping.
Right now, it's her brother's, but eventually it may be her own.... hopefully.
I'm still not budging from my stance on private parts, but in this case, I guess I'll make an exception.
And now she's paying extra close attention to my potty time. Will it be totally out there to wonder if she will be potty trained (sorry, toilet learned, got to be PC here) well before her 3 year old brother?
I've only not put her on the pot because too many more weird things happen in my house and people will start thinking I'm making this stuff up.
Well, if there has to be exceptions to every rule. This is mine, feel free to wipe your brother's bum. Wipe away, little one, wipe away. Maybe someday you'll know what you're doing, I certainly don't.

And in the meantime, leave that alone for a little while and play with your bath toys.

On a side note. I just realized this topic isn't on this week's list of writing prompts. I hope no one notices. Or if they notice, I hope they don't care.
Where did I get this topic? I really don't know. From somewhere on Mama Kat's site. I didn't imagine it... I'm almost certain, almost being the key word here.
Anyways, I will write a new one on a topic that IS actually on the list. I promise.


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