Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sick and Tired

Does anyone have that one kid, that every time he or she gets sick, they get REALLY sick? Your formerly active and sometimes trying young cub, no longer scampering freely, leaving chaos in his wake.
The first day, when it's not so bad, you actually enjoy it. Of course you feel bad that you are enjoying your child's illness, but, let's face it... lying on the couch, curled in a blanket watching Sesame Street sometimes is infinitely better than pushing the baby down, pulling the stuffing out of the frayed corner of the throw pillow and then screaming for Blue's Clues "Cars" which doesn't exist, on the DVR or otherwise.
And then, that night, you awaken to coughing. Is it barking cough? A hacking cough? There's a whooping cough epidemic going on, don't forget that little tidbit. Has he gotten that shot? I don't quite remember. You call your mother, "Does this sound like croup?" you ask nervously. What to do? A steamy bath or freezer air? Too bad you can't have him breathe freezer air while soaking in a steamy Vick's bath.
So you give him a teaspoon of honey and rock him, nearly hidden in a bundle of blankets, while he seemingly coughs the life out of his little body. He doesn't want to eat, drinking hurts his throat, but you coax some herbal teas down him to keep him hydrated.
Panicking like this has never happened before, it's another sleepless night with a restless toddler, snoring loudly in my lap.
The next day, of course he's still sick, but things always look less scary in the daylight. The raspiness is very obviously just congestion. The creepy sick-bed voice, textbook laryngitis. He eats small amounts of things, crumbs of cheese and bites of ice cream to soothe his sore throat. Nothing has changed, except for me freaking out about it.
Now she's getting sick, and I almost welcome it as I see the tail end of his illness leaving slowly by the back door. She's an absolute brat when she isn't feeling good, but dealing with that is a walk in the park in comparison. He'll be up and running around just in time to torture his already grumpy sibling, who will be making life harder on my spouse, who has gotten sick from the kids.
And me? Who has time to get sick? Hopefully my body got that memo.


At October 5, 2010 at 10:48 AM , Blogger scargosun said...

Why are things so scary in the night? It is odd isn't it. I guess the part of our brain that is logical center is half asleep letting the crazy take over. Hope all are well soon!

At March 30, 2011 at 6:35 PM , Anonymous Clara said...

Things get so scary when there is sickness in the family. We can't help but get worried about them, and we always hope for an immediate response, so that they may be able to feel better as soon as possible. Whenever my kids are sick, I never hesitate to take them to their doctor for treatment.


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