Friday, October 1, 2010

My son, more perfect than I deserve

Tyler, my 3 year old, is a perfect child. Don't tell him that, he will ask me why he still gets spankings.
He has always been this way. He goes to bed easily, he has always self-soothed, he keeps himself occupied with millions of tiny 99 cent cars and knows to whisper when his not-so-easy sister is napping. He's smart, he's sassy, he even says "thank you" 75% of the time.
Right now he's quietly watching Blue's Clues and eating an oatmeal bar while I write this, and all he required for this service is for me to press the K button on the keyboard once for him.
He's a wicked smart kid, he knows his alphabet and can count to 100, all his shapes and colors too. He's only just turned 3, and he's a "no-trouble" kid.
No pushover either, I'm proud of his spunk, tenacity and stubbornness.
Sadly for him, he's not an only child. My daughter, 18 months, from day one has been loud, needy, troublesome and takes ALL of my time and attention, which I freely give. I love the crap out of her, just like I do him. But I also recognize she's absolutely obnoxious. Nothing to be done about it, it's just the way she is... just like he is just the way he is.
I feel bad for my good, well behaved son, who is denied alot of things, because it is just too hard to do with my daughter in tow.
The park? Out... she gets into a free and open space and OFF SHE GOES!
The computer room/ bedroom? He's only allowed in when she's napping, when she's awake the gate goes up.
Staying up late? No, she needs to see him tucked in before she'll lay in her crib without howling.
Even excessive cheese intake is out, she leans toward constipation and needs to have an equal amount to anything he's eating.
If he wants to be in my lap, too bad, she's already there. Picked up? Nope, can't hold both of you at the same time, and you know if i put her down she'll scream.
Oh Tyler, I wish there was some way to show my appreciation for how wonderful you are. I'll buy you some new Hot Wheels, but then I feel like a weekend parent trying to get you to choose me in a custody case. And she'll steal them anyways.
All I can tell him is this is how things are, and to my dismay as well as my relief... he accepts that with more grace than I would.
So Tyler, this post is dedicated to you, and all the other older siblings out there who deserve so much better but can only give what mom has left over when she's done pulling her hair out.
You can sleep in my bed tonight, I promise.
Thats the one thing Sissy never takes from you.
I love you Bud. Hang in there, but you already are.


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