Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brain Damage, Tantrum Yoga, and Uncreative Writing

I've gotten sick. I think it was inevitable, being how I've been being sprayed by coughs and sneezes for the last several days by my children.
Tyler has only rudimentary knowledge of covering one's mouth, he usually does it after the sneeze or cough. And Kendyl, well, lets just say the only purposeful action she takes in her sickness, is running away when I try to wipe her nose.
So, my head is so full of snot right now, there is no room for brains.. So instead of trying to post a deep, thought provoking blog today, I added the Link Within widget and added pictures to all my posts.
I originally found this Tantrum Yoga for my "Screaming, Why God, Why" post, but then decided I had a rather cute pic of Kendyl being a drama queen. So I had to put the Tantrum Yoga somewhere, it's just too cute.
Maybe later I'll unfog , and actually write something worth reading, but for now... this is what you get. I think Tantrum Yoga forgot "Throw yourself backwards and hit your head" but that might be for more advanced Tantrum Yoga students.


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