Saturday, October 30, 2010

There's No Crying in Baseball! Plenty in Childrearing Though

It's the end of the month, and the hubby and I are feeling the pinch. It's a good thing my parents give us diapers or the kids would be wearing newspaper diapers... except for, of course we can't afford the newspaper. So sales sheets then, but anyways.
It's terrible that, barring total cool come ups, our moods seem dependent on my check coming in. They say money doesn't buy happiness, but extreme poverty sure seems to supply a lot of misery.
That said, this isn't a post about money, it, I believe, is going to be a post about moods.
And lifting up bad moods.
Today is October 30th, not usually a day of significance, but Halloween falls on a Sunday this year. My church is very big on keeping the sabbath holy, so the church Halloween party is tonight instead of tomorrow. I've signed up to bring a pie and some chili. Kendyl has a great princess costume, and Tyler has a not-so-great but will work dragon costume. I think I can make it a little bit more awesome by borrowing some hair wax from my neighbor and painting his face.
In the spirit of being a bad Mormon, I'm taking this opportunity to give my kids two Halloweens. They have never been actual trick or treating, being how we usually go to the church function, so I'm taking them to the greatest street for trick or treating in the valley.
This street, Minerva lane, is often called Candycane Lane. My husband pointed out that usually it's called that during Christmas... but everyone from here knows where you are talking about when you say "Candycane Lane" no matter what time of year it is.
I figure that it's a term of this neighborhood's HOA. My faith in humanity has died just enough for me to doubt that this whole neighborhood willingly and without fail gets super crazy during holidays. Cars line the streets just to see the lights on Christmas, but Halloween is pretty awesome too.
Haunted houses built in people's garages, animatronic zombies and lighted graveyards galore. It may be totally worth breaking my "being a good Mormon as far as anyone can tell" thing. I think maybe even actual good Mormons might be taking advantage of this two Halloweens thing. Maybe not SUPER good Mormons, but those people are scary, I know, I grew up in a family of them.
So, we are going to carve a pumpkin today. That is either going to be super cool and fun and the kids are going to love it.... OR it's going to be the biggest pain in the ass/ fiasco we've ever gone through. I don't think there is a middle ground on this one.
An activity involving fragile produce, a mess, a marker and sharp objects around two toddlers keyed up on some early-bird candy. Hmmm...
I guess time will tell.
I'm probably going to add more to this later, including pictures.
But I need to:
borrow the hair wax
get the costumes together
try to get something for me to wear
work out what I'm going to do with lil' B
find a ride for me and the kids
make my chili
get stuff together to carve the pumpkin
decide a good time to carve the pumpkin
give the kids a bath after carving the pumpkin
curse my life a few times
Have a Happy Halloween! (that's the toughie!)


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