Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reasons I Love My Husband

I love my husband. He may not think so, I've called him many unsavory things in the duration of the 8 years we've been together. And honestly, he's like a woman... he's remembered every last one of them.
But I love him. A lot.
The reasons, there are many.
So without further ado, and in no particular order:

1) He still finds me sexy, stretchmarks and all.

2) His furry, flat tummy.

3) The way he smiles when he makes a terribly offensive joke.
4) That all the things on those "Improve your marriage" websites... he already does them.
5) He's a bomb cook. (I'm pretty bomb myself, so we trade off responsibilities)
6) He's willing to admit his mistakes... sometimes the next day, but he still admits them.
7) The amount he gives up everyday for the kids and me.
8) The way he plays with the kids, he's the pony ride expert in this house.

9) That Tyler is his little clone.
10) That Kendyl is his little Princess.
11) If there was one piece of food left, and we were starving, he would give it to me. If I refused to take it, he would throw it away and we would starve together.
12) He takes the hard jobs.
13) He throws away the dirty diapers without being asked.
14) He will forgo his favorite foods if I don't like them. (We haven't had black-eyed-peas is 5 years)
15) He encourages me to try new things.
16) He encourages me to be a better me.
17) Although I can be a bitch, he stands his ground if the topic is important.
18) He backs down if it's not important.
19) He's taught me respect.. for myself most of all.
20) He buys me chocolate and wine just because.
21) He doesn't understand me, but loves me regardless.
22) He always puts his needs second.
23) He's done the absolute best he can, and much more than most people from his tenuous beginnings.
24) He's done and seen so much.
25) I never (almost never) get tired of his stories.
26) He can tell a joke like a motherf**cker.
27) He's much more than he gives himself credit for.
28) He can watch the kids for an afternoon, get the dishes done and clean the living room with no effort. (actually I hate him for this, and the fact he's pointed it out.)
29) I HAVE to love someone whom my kids love this much.
30) I HAVE to love someone whom my kids resemble this much.

31) Have I mentioned he makes me a better person?
32) One word. Omelettes.
33) Okay.. another one word. Barbecue.
34) He makes me laugh so hard I pee myself.
35) He doesn't hold against me that I've peed myself. (I mean, it's partially his fault, right?)
36) Unless things get out of hand, he doesn't bug me about the house being in disarray.
37) When things get out of hand, and he gets on me so much I cry at my failings... even when he's 100% right, he still appologizes in the morning.
38) He is always strong, even when he feels weak.

39) He is all man.
40) He knows what that means, but is always exploring the meaning.
41) He cried at our wedding.
42) He cried when our kids were born.

43) He cried with me when Tyler was admitted into the NICU under critical condition.
44) The only other time I've seen tears in his eyes is when he thought we were going to split up.
45) He cuddles with me every night when we go to bed.
46) He goes to sleep on the couch after I fall asleep, because he knows he snores loudly and I need my rest.
47) He could have the worst day ever, and still comes home and gives me a break from the kids.
48) He always notices when I spend extra time on cleaning/organizing/sorting/whatever.
49) He gives me the last cigarette.
50) He knows my six dollar words. (though not always how to spell them.)
51) He doesn't know how to turn the computer on or off.
52) He thinks I'm a genius because I do. (which you know, he's right.)
53) He respects my opinion. (even if he doesn't agree)
54) He holds me to the same standard.
55) He agrees that Heath Ledger was totally hot.
56) He understands my inexplicable attraction to Sean Connery.
57) He laughs at (most) of my jokes.
58) He respects my dad more than any man on earth.

59) He wishes he was like him.
60) His hands are just like my dad's hands.
61) He's a good, hard worker. He's gotten a lot of compliments on the quality and tirelessness of his work.
62) He may be as underappreciated as me.
63) A job that he is working at, will get done in half the time, even if he's paid hourly.
64) You know the Hell we are all going to? For sarcasm, snarkiness and terrible "oh-no" type jokes? He's going to be supervisor.
65) He told me he would stand up against me for the truth. (A question that was asked after the last episode of Dexter, on Showtime.)
66) He's a jaded idealist. Just like me.
67) Several reasons that are inappropriate for posting here.
68) He will understand that I've had two of his beers and might not make it to 100.
69) That I can write, "hehe" on #69, and he'll find it funny.
70) That he'll do a task I could have done just as easily.
71) That, as long as I let him "get it all out" we wont have the same argument for quite a while.
72) He thinks the guy from Swamp People is the coolest guy ever. (so do I)
73) He keeps my feet on the ground.
74) He thinks I have what it takes to be somebody, and will do anything he can to help me succeed.
75) He understands my hangups, but will only let me feel sorry for myself for so long.
76) He's truly "The most interesting man in the world." But Dos Equis already had the other guy in a contract.
77) He'll support me in something foolish, like a huge b-day party for Tyler, and doesn't make a big-shit-ass-deal when my plan fails.
78) He treats Tyler like a big boy, but allows me to still treat him as my baby.

79) He treats Kendyl like a Princess, even though he knows she's becoming a spoiled brat. (Isn't that what dads are for?)
80) He is aware when he's gone too far.
81) He sees me (probably falsely) as the expert when it comes to our kids.
82) Even though, he doesn't RELY on me to care for them and give them what they need.
83) He's self confident, but not enough that it's obnoxious.
84)  He'll totally understand that I stopped now for reasons unrelated to ability to come up with more to say.
85) It was too easy to write all these... I barely had to think them up.

I love you, Poppa Bear.


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