Tuesday, November 16, 2010

REALLY can't choose

My favorite picture of Tyler is either, this one:
This one, because he looks so dashing (gonna have to beat the girls off with a stick) If he turns out to be autistic or not... who wouldn't want to date Rainman if he was hot? You'd always win playing poker in Vegas, and who cares if you have to buy his underwear at a certain K-Mart? I wish it was that easy to make MY man happy!
This one:

This one, because HE JUST WENT POTTY! And look at the jubilant look on his face! He has a new car and a lollypop! Who wouldn't be that ecstatic? I hope $1.50 worth of stuff ALWAYS makes him this happy.
This post was in response to Love That Max's photo carnival. I hope I'm not cheating by not being able to choose between the two. I'd hate for Love That Max to despise Just Mom. LOL


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